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York Central Access: Consultation Website now Open

by aileenhingston on 27 August, 2017

Now is your chance to comment on the choice of access routes – now known as Western Route 1 (Water End, most expensive), Western Route 2 (Water End, more impact on Millennium Green) and Southern Route (Holgate Road through Holgate Community Garden).  Information and a chance to give your views are on a special York […]

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August Focus is Out!

by aileenhingston on 13 August, 2017

Our latest Focus encourages everyone to have their say on the access route to York Central.  The choices are a road from Holgate Road, which would destroy Holgate Community Garden; a road from Water End which would affect Leeman Road Millennium Green; or another road from Water End which might protect Millenium Green but sounds […]

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Holgate Community Garden

by aileenhingston on 4 August, 2017

This note has been provided to us by the Friends of Holgate Community Garden. Holgate Community Garden is an essential green space which has been used by the local community for nearly forty years. The garden and park has been part of many people’s childhoods and continues to be a place where the next generation […]

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We have learned today the details of the public engagement and consultation process for the access route to the York Central Development. Consultation is being led by PR consultants Aberfield for the York Central Partnership rather than by City of York Council.  But it concerns the site of a new road, and the potential loss […]

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More News on York Central Access Routes!

by aileenhingston on 6 July, 2017

A paper now on the City of York website, for discussion at the Executive on Thursday 13 July, sets out overall progress by the York Central Partnership to unlock the teardrop site.  This requires complex cooperation between the City of York council, the Housing and Community Agency and Network Rail, which is progressing towards a […]

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York Central: Step Nearer on Funding and on Consultation

by aileenhingston on 24 November, 2016

City of York Executive agreed tonight to join up with the West Yorkshire Transport Fund which will give access to investment money for the York Central access route, and for changes at the front of the railway station (and improvements to the ring road).  This has to be ratified by the full Council. They also […]

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The City of York  paper on York Central Access, to be discussed at the Executive meeting on Thursday 24 November and a call-in meeting on Monday 21 November, has now been published. It sums up the recent history including detailing various land swaps between City of York and Network Rail, but says these do not […]

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Holgate Community Garden as Village Green?

by aileenhingston on 16 November, 2016

Holgate Community Garden, at the end of Cleveland Street and Upper St Paul’s Terrace, is threatened by the potential Chancery Rise route into the York Central development.  We await consultation on alternative routes and the pros and cons, including impact on traffic flows across Holgate and western York. A well researched report is now available […]

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York Central Community Forum

by aileenhingston on 21 October, 2016

City of York Council has written to people who expressed interest in being on the community forum for the major development, to tell them who has been selected. The Forum will have 40 members and will be chaired by the Dean of the Minster, the Very Reverend Vivienne Faull. 4 Councillors will be members: Labour […]

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Consultation on Access Route to York Central Development

by aileenhingston on 11 October, 2016

Oh No They Didn’t The latest news from the Council website is that a proposal for public consultation on potential highway access routes to the York Central site will be considered by the Corporate and Scrutiny Management Policy and Scrutiny (Calling In) Committee on 31 October, before going to the City of York Executive on 24 […]

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